Do I have to pay a set-up charge?
No – there are no set-up charges with CreateSendUK. You only pay when you send each campaign. It really is that simple.

How long does it take to get an account setup?
Once you request a Free Account, we will manually verify your registration details within 1 business day. As we take spam very seriously, we may contact you directly to confirm this registration. You will receive an email confirmation once we have completed verification.

Is there any software to download?
No. CreateSendUK is all online, accessible through a username and password from any computer with an internet connection.

What about support?
CreateSendUK has a great deal of helpful information built into the system and accessible through the “help” button at the upper right when you’re inside your account. In addition, you can email us with questions or problems at support@createsenduk.co.uk

Can users unsubscribe from my email?
Allowing your recipients to unsubscribe from your campaign with a single-click is best practice and is actually required to use this CreateSendUK. It’s added automatically to all our templates.

Will my campaigns pass Spam filters and Junk Mail Folders?
There are in-built testing tools in CreateSendUK to allow you to run Spam filter tests prior to sending your campaigns which will indicate whether the email will pass widely used spam filters. It is often the words, balance and combination of any images used in the email that can cause problems with Spam filters. If a problem occurs, analysis of the test results will help solve these problems.

I have a list of email addresses, how do I know if it’s okay to email these people?
By far the most important aspect of email marketing is the concept of permission. It’s the only thing separating you and your clients from the spammers of this world. We have lots of information about permission and email marketing here